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“auditTemplate” Resource Type#

Represents an audit template as part of Vendor Rating Management in Business Central.


For information about enabling APIs for Business Central, please refer to Enabling APIs for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Method Return Type Description
GET auditTemplate auditTemplate Gets an auditTemplate object.
Navigation Return Type Description
auditTemplateLines auditTemplateLines Gets the audit template lines associated with the current audit template.


Property Type Description
id Guid The unique ID of the auditTemplate. Non-editable.
no String Specifies the unique number of the audit template.
description String Specifies the description of the audit template.

JSON Representation#

The following code shows a JSON representation of the auditTemplate resource.

    "id": "GUID",
    "no": "string",
    "description": "decimal"

HTTP Requests#

Get auditTemplates#

Retrieves the properties and relationships of an auditTemplate object for Business Central.

HTTP Request#

Replace the URL prefix for Business Central depending on your environment, following the guideline.

GET businesscentralPrefix/kumavision/kvsvrm/v1.0/companies({id})/auditTemplates({id})

Request Headers#

Header Value
Authorization Bearer {token}. Required.

Request Body#

For this method, no request body is required.


If successful, this method returns the 200 OK response code and an auditTemplate object in the response body.



The following code shows an example of the request.

GET https://{businesscentralPrefix}/api/kumavision/kvsvrm/v1.0/companies({id})/auditTemplates({id})

Response The following code shows an example of the response.

    "@odata.context": "https://{businesscentralPrefix}/api/kumavision/kvsvrm/v1.0/companies({id})/auditTemplates",
    "value": [
            "@odata.etag": "W/\"JzIwOzExMjQ2MDYyMjU3MTUwMTgxODI1MTswMDsn\"",
            "id": "21f2b37c-589e-ed11-9eae-b5f34a05bcf5",
            "no": "A01",
            "description": "Type 01 Audit Template"