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Financial Management#

Non-deductible VAT#

For general information about the feature, see Set Up Non-Deductible VAT - Business Central. This article only explains the additional pages, functions, and fields available for it in KUMAVISION project365.

VAT Setup#

You can now also use dimensions to calculate percentages of non-deductible VAT.

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter VAT Setup, and then choose the related link.
  2. Fill in the fields as described in the following table.
Field Option
Non-Deductible VAT Type (blank)
Indicates that this field hasn’t been filled in yet. To proceed, you must select one of the following options.

Corresponds to standard functionality, which means the system posts lines by using the non-deductible VAT percentage that has been specified for them on the VAT Posting Setup page.

Determines a non-deductible percentage based on dimensions and dimension values (and, potentially, a time frame, as will be explained later).
Non-Deductible VAT Check Show Notification
Shows a message if the current combination of VAT business and product posting groups entered on a line allows for a non-deductible percentage based on dimensions, but none can be found.

You can still post the line, however.

Show Error
Displays an error message during posting.
Non-Deductible VAT Date Posting Date
Posting dates will be used to calculate non-deductible VAT.

Document Date
Document dates will be used to determine the percentage.


The fields in this table are only visible if the Non-Deductible VAT toggle has been turned on.

Non-Deductible VAT Dimensions#

Can be opened by choosing Actions > Non-Deductible VAT Dimensions on the ribbon.

If you selected the Dimension option in the Non-Deductible VAT Type field on the VAT Setup page, the non-deductible VAT typically specified in VAT Posting Setup is stored with dimensions and dimension values instead. In that case, you specify on this page the dimensions that you want the system to consider for calculating a percentage, as well as the order of priority in which they should be searched for.

You then need to specify for each dimension value from which date a percentage will be valid for them by choosing Dimension > Dimension Values on the ribbon and filling in the fields as necessary.

Non-deductible VAT is only used for lines on which you stored a business and posting group combination that allows the use of non-deductible input VAT via the Allow Non-Deductible VAT field in VAT Posting Setup (see the standard help for more details).


If you selected Dimension as the non-deductible VAT type, you cannot enter a percentage in the Non-Deductible VAT % field in VAT Posting Setup, as the percentage from the dimension values should be used instead.