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Other fields in delivery addresses#

In order to override various fields in the service document depending on the delivery address, the delivery address card of the customers has been extended.

The following fields are transferred to service documents if they are maintained:

  • VAT Business posting group
  • Business posting group
  • VAT No.

If nothing is specified in these fields on the delivery address, the corresponding fields of the customer will be used in the service document.

By specifying the VAT. Business Posting Group, VAT ID and Business Posting Group at shipping address level, it is possible to pre-populate the appropriate VAT for deliveries abroad for otherwise domestic customers without having to do this manually each time in the order.

This increases the data quality in the order entry.

Document texts in service#

Basically, a standard service invoice text can be stored in service invoices created for service contracts. However, this is not sufficient if a company basically works with the functionality "Document texts" of KUMAVISION.

Text modules for customers have been extended with regard to printing on service documents. If a text module for a customer is also to be printed in the service, the corresponding checkboxes must be set.

This means that the text module for this customer can also be called up in the service.


The retrieval of article text modules in the service offer / order is not provided.

Display service item number and serial number in booked service invoices#

To simplify research in booked service invoices, the service item number used in the service order and its serial number are displayed in booked service invoices.

The Service Items table can be accessed via a DrillDown.

Infobox service item receipts at the service item#

For easy research on the service item for documents in which the service item is currently used, an info box "Service item documents" has been implemented. This can be viewed both in the service article list and on the -card.

The DrillDown branches to the service item lines, each filtered by service orders or quotations. The drilldown of the delivery branches to the booked service delivery lines.

Zero position in service lines#

The zero position functionality described in section "Zero position" is also available in the service area.

If lines without a line amount are entered in service documents, the "Zero position" field must be set to an option that is not blank or No. The "Zero position" field must be set to an option that is not empty. Otherwise, the posting of the document will abort with a corresponding message.

Archived documents in the service#

In the Service area, the documents Quotation and Order are not archived in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central™ Standard. However, since archived documents are available as standard in the sales area and are always helpful for users in their daily work, an archive was also created in the industry solution for the service documents.

Analogous to the function in the Sales area, it is basically possible to specify in the Service setup whether quotations and orders are always to be archived or only manually.

If always archived, then offer / order is always archived when the respective document is printed, deleted or posted.

In addition to automatic archiving, a document can also be archived manually using the "Archive document" function.

The service document itself shows how many archived versions of the document exist. On the one hand, the number of archived versions can be found on the "General" info tab via the "No. of archived versions" field and, on the other hand, in the "Debtor service history" info box.

The archived documents can be displayed via DrillDown.

In addition to the actual service document, the comments on the document as well as the document pre- and post-texts are also archived.

If an archived service order exists for a still existing open service order, this archived version can be restored with the "Restore" function, analogous to the same function in the Sales area.  

Copy function in service#

If transactions are repeated in the service, the "Copy document" function known from sales or purchasing is advantageous. This is not available in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central™ Standard in Service. The industry solution has been extended so that both documents and service items can be copied in the same way as the "Copy item" function. The function Copy document can be called up in the respective cards of the documents.

Can be copied:

  • Service offers
  • Service orders
  • Service invoices
  • Service credits
  • Booked service deliveries
  • Booked service invoice
  • Booked service credit

Archived documents are not currently included.

As in sales, the document can be copied including the selected document header or alternatively the lines can be recalculated with current prices.

Copying a service item can be done in the service item master data. For this purpose, the service item card is opened and the "Copy service item" function is called up in the menu ribbon.

The following options can be copied:

  • General service item information
  • Component
  • Features
  • Resource qualifications
  • Comments
  • Warranty start / end

Create service orders from a sales complaint#

If a customer returns an item based on a complaint, and upon closer inspection it is determined that the item can be repaired, a service order can be created directly from the sales complaint.

To do this, select one or more lines of the article type and choose the "Create service order" function on the "Lines" info tab.

After the function has been executed, the user is asked whether the document should be opened directly.

When confirmed with "Yes", the service order is displayed for further processing.

It should be noted that the service order does not post a delivery of the service item as such. If the claimed item is actually to be booked in and later shipped back to the customer, it must be booked in without stock valuation and likewise booked out again via an order. This is a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central™ standard functionality.

Create EK complaint from service order#

If during the repair in the service it is determined that the service item should be sent back to the supplier as such, a purchase complaint can be created via the service order per function.

To do this, select the desired row and execute the "Create purchase complaint for selected row" function via the "Rows" > "Functions" info tab.

It should be noted that the function with the matching articles must be called up once for each vendor. First, a window opens to select the matching vendor, then the EK reclamation on query can be opened directly.


In order to send an article to the supplier via a purchase complaint, it must be in stock. In the process, the customer item must therefore already be posted via the sales complaint in order to complain to the supplier.

The function Create purchase complaint for selected lines can also be called in the service work ticket for components to be installed.

Here, too, it should be noted that only goods in stock can be claimed.