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The following three facility tables must be defined in advance for the guarantees:

  • Guarantee types
  • Guarantee status
  • Guarantee posting groups

All three facility tables are to be regarded only as information tables without further functionality and can be filled freely and are therefore not explained further.

The "Guarantees" can be used as an overview to maintain all guarantees there across projects. The following fields can be filled:

field description
No. Indicates the number of the guarantee.
External Guaranty No. Indicates the external guaranty number.
Description Indicates the description of the guarantee.
Guarantee Type Specifies the guarantee type selected from the "Guarantee Types" table.
Guarantee Type Description Gives the description of the guarantee type.
Guaranty Posting Group Gives the guaranty posting group.
Guarantee Status Indicate the appropriate status of the guarantee.

You can freely define the guarantee status in the setup table of the same name.
Guarantee Direction If required, issued guarantees can be managed in addition to received guarantees.
Account Type Specifies the account type. You can choose between customer and vendor.
Account Number Indicates the number of the selected customer/vendor.
Account Name Indicates the name of the selected customer/vendor.
Issuing Credit Institution (Contact No.) Indicates the contact of the credit institution.
Issuing bank (contact name) Indicates the contact name of the bank.
Start date Indicates the start date.
End date Indicates the end date.
Amount (MW) Gives the guarantee amount (in client currency).
Commission % Indicates the value of the commission in %.
Commission Amount (MW) Indicates the value of the commission.
Project number Indicates the project number.

In addition, at the respective project under "Project map > Project > Guarantees" you can see which guarantee(s) is/are deposited there.
Voucher type Indicates the document type of the assigned purchasing document.
Document number Indicates the document number.

In addition, in the respective purchasing document "Related > Guarantees", you can see which guarantee(s) is/are deposited there.

In addition, under "Related > Remarks", it is possible to store remarks on the guarantee.