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This app doesn’t provide features for end users but serves as a basis for all KUMAVISION functionality.

Module Setup#

On this page, you can manage the licensing and activation data required for each vertical solution. To see the information:

  • Choose the Tell Me function, enter KUMAVISION Module Setup, and then choose the related link.
  • Alternatively, go to the role center, choose Advanced Settings on the ribbon, and then select KUMAVISION Module Setup.

Afterward, you can update your license or buy additional app licenses through the actions on the page. You can also specify the (parts of) each solution that can be used in the current company by turning the relevant toggles on (or off).


The option to buy packages is only available in SaaS environments. Please contact your Microsoft partner if you’re using Business Central on-Prem.


To verify app registration in on-premises environments, the following URIs must be accessible without restrictions:


If they aren’t, you need to adjust your firewall and proxy settings.

Connection tests#

These tests are used to check if certain basic services needed for the proper functioning of the system are available at present. To run a test:

  • Choose the Tell Me function, enter KUMAVISION Module Setup, and then choose the related link. Afterward, run the corresponding action from the ribbon.
  • Alternatively, open the KUMAVISION Module Setup page and run the test from there.

If an error occurs, you can learn more about it by choosing Details on the dialog box that appears.

To better understand what went wrong, you can also export the test result.

Setup and Demo Data#

This page allows you to easily import data packages containing both setup and demo data. Each KUMAVISION AG app can contain such packages. To import the data, simply select one or more data packages and click on "Create setup data" or "Create setup and demo data".


Your data already in the system could be overwritten without further inquiry.


As a rule, demo data should not be imported into production systems.

Frequently asked questions#

My role center is empty. What can I do?

This issue typically occurs in on-Prem environments when no user experience is set, such as when you add an empty company. To fix the issue:

  1. Open the KUMAVISION Module Setup page.
  2. Open the Company Information page from the dialog box that appears.
  3. On the User Experience FastTab, configure the user experience based on your licensing model.