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Warehouse Management#

The following features expand standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central1 functionality to provide additional options to those working in your organization’s logistics department.

Other line types in logistics#

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central1, in the following logistics documents:

  • Warehouse Storage,
  • Warehouse picking,
  • Goods Receipt,
  • Outgoing goods

only the processing for the line type "article" can be performed. This service area has been extended in KUMAVISION factory365 by the logistics documents for the processing of the other line types from purchasing and sales.


Logistics facility#

In the logistics setup you have the possibility to set up whether additional line types are possible for the goods receipt and the goods issue.

First call up the "Logistics setup" via the user search.

On the "General" info tab via the "Additional types for receipt" and "Additional types for delivery" buttons you can activate the line types.

Storage location#

The single-stage logistics process for goods receipt and goods issue must be activated on the storage location card.

Financial accounting#

In Financial Accounting, the G/L accounts for the purchasing or sales process must be enabled for direct posting in the chart of accounts.


After successful activation can now be used in the sales processes:

  • Article,
  • Article additions/deductions,
  • Resources,
  • G/L accounts

as well as in the purchasing processes:

  • Article,
  • Article Additions/Discounts
  • G/L accounts

be processed via the logistics documents. This means that load carriers, freight services, handling costs, services and article-neutral expenses can be sent and collected via delivery bill.

All logistics documents and book sheets are extended by two new columns:

Field Description
Document lines type The document line type knows the same option as in the document lines themselves: , G/L account, item, resource, WG/asset and addition/deduction (item).
Depending on the type, the document line no. then corresponds to a G/L account, article, resource, WG/asset or article addition deduction.
When creating logistics documents, not only the lines of type=article, but all lines - except text modules (type = empty) and the line types for document structuring (heading, From subtotal, End subtotal/bundle, Bundle) are then transferred.
Document lines no. This corresponds to the field number in the corresponding document

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