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Power BI SALES activator#

Turn the wealth of sales data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central into valuable KIPs.

Increase the success of your sales! Structured sales work requires valid data in real time. Activate previously unused potential of your employees and organization.

With the "Power BI SALES activator" from KUMAVISION and EOS, you can collect, structure and visualize data from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central at the touch of a button. Score points in the next meeting in front of the management with resilient and graphically prepared data. This way you create transparency for your employees and colleagues!


The "Power BI SALES activator" provides answers to your essential questions:

  • Which items are my top sellers?
  • Which salespeople generate the most revenue?
  • How does incoming orders compare to the previous month/year?
  • In which countries and regions are which articles selling particularly well?
  • Which articles and article groups have an above-average contribution margin?
  • Which customers generate which sales?
  • Where are the opportunities? Where are risks hidden?
  • How can I optimally deploy my sales staff?

Your advantages:
Put an end to time-consuming research in your ERP system, error-prone calculations in Excel and outdated data. With the "Power BI SALES activator" you make sure that all data is always and at any time up-to-date at your disposal. This enables you to better analyze, control and plan sales activities.

Target group:
Sales, Management, Controlling

Installation "EOS PowerBI connector"#

  1. Navigate to the “Extension Marketplace” in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central™.
  2. Search for “EOS PowerBI connector” and click on “Get it now”
    Directlink to Microsoft AppSource
  3. Complete the Microsoft basic profile form and click the “Continue” button
  4. Select your language and click on the "Install" button

Installation "KUMAVISION Power BI SALES Activator"#

After the installation of the “EOS PowerBI connector” in Business Central you can install the “Power BI SALES activator” from KUMAVISION.

  1. Go to the Power BI service, navigate to the app menu, and click the button “Get Apps” to go the Power BI Marketplace
  2. Search for the “Power BI SALES activator”
  3. Click the button “Get It Now” and install the Power BI app
  4. After that you have a new app named “Power BI SALES activator”

Connect the “Power BI SALES activator” with your own data#

After the installation of the apps “EOS PowerBI connector” in Business Central and the “Power BI SALES activator” you can connect the Power BI SALES activator with your own data. 1. Open the app “Power BI SALES activator” and click on the link “Connect your data” 2. Now you are prompted to enter the required parameters:

Field Description
Company Is the company you want to connect to your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central™ instance. This must be the company name and not the display name. You can find the name of the company in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central™ in the "Companies" list.Microsoft Dynamics Business Central™
Environment Is the environment name of your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central™ instance. Normally, the environment of the production instance is "Production", however, you can look up the exact name in the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central™ Admin Center.
  1. After entering the parameters, you need to click the button “Next”
  2. Now you have to choose the authentication method to connect to your Business Central. Set it to “OAuth2” and the privacy level to “Organizational”.
  3. Click the button “Sign in and connect” and sign into your work Microsoft account.
  4. After this check the refresh of the dataset and set up a refresh schedule to keep your data up to date.
  5. After refreshing the dataset, you can use the reports of the “Power BI SALES activator” from KUMAVISION with your own data and validate the data.