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Batch Clean Production#


Sometimes it is important in production processes that a final product is produced by only one batch of a raw material and that several batches of a raw material are not used in a production order. With the "Batch-pure production" module, you can assign the batches to the components in the production orders in a batch-pure manner, divide up or reduce the production order so that batch-pure production is guaranteed for the production parts. You also save time compared to manual batch-pure assignment per component

Batch clean production - setup#

Batch clean production is an enabling module, the use of which is only possible with a license and activation.

Setup module#

Only if both switches (Batch clean production in license and Activate batch clean production) are activated in the "KUMAVISION med Module Setup", the functions of batch clean production are available. The module offers the possibility to plan the components in batches in the fixed planned production order (FA) and to split the production order or reduce quantities if required. Quantity changes can be made on demand (stock transfer) or by assigning pure batches, as it is better to consume components in pure batches per production order (FA) due to simplified traceability and possible recalls.


Create fixed planned production order#

First of all, a firmly planned production order must be created in production. To do this, the production employee calls up the Fixed planned production orders menu item in his role center and creates a new fixed planned production order by pressing the "New" function key in the menu ribbon.

Edit fixed planned production order#

In the new firmly planned production order, the "Origin No. " is first used to determine the article to be produced, then the quantity to be produced is entered and the production order is updated. The system then determines the production components stored in a production BOM (active version) on the article and the routing (active version) with its operations.  

Edit manufacturing components#

The function key "Line" and "Components" can be used to call up the production order components of the previously created production order line. The red coloring of the expected quantities of the manufacturing components signals that item tracking is required for these items.

Search batches#

To determine a batch taking into account the expiration date, the following functions are possible in the FA components of a firmly planned production order:

Function Meaning
Search batch clean FeFo Item traces are assigned for all rows whose expiration date is reached first. Availability is checked and taken into account. It is possible that a production order will not be 100% fulfilled as a result and will have to be split (see "Split quantity" in section "Process quantities").
Search batch clean quantity The article traces for all lines that could not yet be 100% fulfilled are assigned. Already assigned article tracings of other lines remain thereby. Here, too, it is possible that a production order cannot be 100% fulfilled and the quantity to be produced must be reduced.

The "Search batch clean quantity" function can also be executed after an initial proposal by the "Search batch clean FeFo" function without changes being made in the respective other proposal lines for components with batches that can be 100% fulfilled. However, for lines of components with batches and expiration dates, a recalculation is performed and corrections are made if necessary. If a production order is always to be produced in batches if possible, the function "Search batch clean FeFo" must be used instead of the function "Search batch clean quantity". This first searches for a sufficient stock quantity of components of a batch and ignores expiring batches whose stock quantity is smaller than the production quantity. In this way, only batches that meet the quantity to be finished are assigned and not those that expire first.

Process quantities#

In order to be able to adjust the quantities to be produced in batches if necessary, the following functions are possible in the FA components of a firmly planned production order:

Function Meaning
Split quantity This allows the FA to be split to ensure batch purity per production order.

A second, firmly planned production order is created for the difference quantity when this function is executed.
Adjust quantity This can be used to reduce the FA quantity so that the FA is produced in a batch. If necessary, another production order is then required to produce the remaining quantity with a new batch.


The system checks the availability of the components subject to batch management and - if available - their expiration date during the functions described in section "Searching for batches". As a result, individual components may not be available in the quantity resulting from the production order. The "Search batch clean FeFo" function assigns the first expiring batch to each component with corresponding item tracking and calculates which smallest common quantity of components can be produced with the available stock in this production order. If this results in the quantity from the production order not being able to be produced completely in this way, the system issues a corresponding message. After confirming the message with "OK", the system displays for which batch components 100% is not fulfilled. In order to produce in batches, the system calculates the quantity to be produced using the "Split quantity" function in the menu ribbon. After confirming with "OK", the component quantities, their percentage fulfillment and the quantity on the finished article are corrected. For the difference quantity, the "Split quantity" function always creates a new, firmly planned FA. After executing the "Adjust quantity" function, a new fixed planned FA must be entered manually for any remaining quantities. In the new production orders created in this way, there is again the option of using the functions "Search batch clean FeFo" and "Search batch clean quantity". Here, too, it is possible that the quantity resulting from the production order cannot be produced completely. In this case, the quantity can be reduced to the quantity still available using the "Adjust quantity" function and reordered using the MRP data. The FA components and FA routings, as well as the FA line are recalculated to the adjusted quantity.

Release production order - change status#

When changing the status of a firmly planned production order with the function "Change status..." in the menu ribbon (alternatively key combination Ctrl + F9) you can choose whether the picking should be created and printed immediately. If the picking is created here and registered unchanged, the batches proposed for the components are finally firmly assigned to the production order as batches to be consumed. After creation and registration of the picking, the firmly planned production order is now in the system as a released FA and can be processed as usual until it is completed with the status "Finished".